Cindy Ward

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Cindy Ward began her TV news career in Steubenville, Ohio (the birthplace of Dean Martin!), before moving to WLEX-TV in Lexington, WAVE-TV in Louisville, and finally WSBT (in 1986) where she anchors WSBT News at 5:30. Her favorite part of the job is working with the people of WSBT News. "Everyone in the newsroom is committed to doing the best job possible. The people here are great!"

Cindy likes "people stories" the best. "Everyone has an interesting story to tell. We can learn something from everyone. I'll never forget the story of a man living next to some railroad tracks in South Bend. All he had was a mattress, yet he wasn't looking for help from anyone." She has also enjoyed covering the Democratic Convention in Atlanta, appearing in a CBS soap opera while visiting New York City, and conducting a couple of interviews with Michiana's most famous resident, Oprah Winfrey.

Cindy believes in pursuing a broad, liberal arts education, especially if you're interested in becoming a journalist. "Go to college; study everything, not just journalism. History, political science, writing, literature. You need to be able to put the events and people you are reporting on in context. Remember what Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee said: 'News is the first rough draft of history'."

Cindy lives in South Bend with her husband, retired WSBT operations manager Bob Johnson.  She has two wonderful step sons named Nick and David.

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