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South Bend "Paws by the Pound" program

South Bend Animal Care and Control is operating close to capacity. As a result, there is a special this month to try and find more pets loving homes.

Moms First Nanny Cam hacked

Moms First: Nanny cam hacked

A Minnesota family says they started noticing odd things happening with the camera in their baby's room. When they looked into they realized, they weren't the only ones keeping an eye on what was going on inside the bedroom. Darla Hernandez Lippert reports. 


Moms First: Quick and click banking

Moms seem to be busier than ever before and spending time in a bank branch is not the first place you want to be. Darla Lippert Hernandez is here to help.



Moms First: Turning a hobby into cash

Adopt a new way of thinking about your hobbies. WSBT 22's Darla Hernandez spoke to one local mother whose passion for personalized items turned into a successful small business out of her home called Courtney Bock Designs. 

Saving your dogs life

Saving your dog's life

Teeth brushing -- we all do it, but what about our pets? Should we brush our dog's teeth? As WSBT 22's Suzanne Spencer shows us, daily brushing could save your dog's life.

Pets in the cold

Keeping your pets safe in cold weather

This cold weather isn't just dangerous for humans, it's also dangerous for pets.

New Lyme disease estimate: 300,000 cases a year

Local vets: More pets being diagnosed with Lyme disease than ever before

It's one of the most common, but dangerous, infections that a pet can get from a tick bite -- Lyme disease. And veterinarians in our area say they are diagnosing more pets with the disease than ever before.

Local animal rights group upset with Notre Dame concessionaire

Many local non-profits rely on money they earn from Notre Dame concessions to stay afloat. Seven Star Rescue in St. Joseph, Michigan is one of those non-profits.

1 areas are now under advisories, watches or severe weather warnings.

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