(img1)Midday Winter Storm Update

Midday Winter Storm Update

Meteorologist Ed Russo has the latest updates on today's storm. 


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Pets in the cold

Keeping your pets safe in cold weather

This cold weather isn't just dangerous for humans, it's also dangerous for pets.

New Lyme disease estimate: 300,000 cases a year

Local vets: More pets being diagnosed with Lyme disease than ever before

It's one of the most common, but dangerous, infections that a pet can get from a tick bite -- Lyme disease. And veterinarians in our area say they are diagnosing more pets with the disease than ever before.

Local animal rights group upset with Notre Dame concessionaire

Many local non-profits rely on money they earn from Notre Dame concessions to stay afloat. Seven Star Rescue in St. Joseph, Michigan is one of those non-profits.

Activists meet 1st goal to "save the animals" at Deer Forest

Deer Forest animal activists met their $2,000 goal to "save the animals" on Thursday. The fundraising website now lists the goal at $4,000. The group wants to make sure it buys them legally but says there is confusion about who really owns the animals.

South Bend's new animal laws in effect, pit bulls no longer targeted

The city of South Bend's new animal care and control ordinances went into effect Friday. It's the first change to the city's animal laws in nearly 30 years.

Dog bite LaPorte

Officials seek better law after 2 kids bitten by pit bull in LaPorte

A 7-year-old boy is recovering from a dog bite, just one day after another girl in the neighborhood was bitten by the same dog. Now, officials are seeking better laws when it comes to handling dog attacks in LaPorte County.

Pit bull saves deaf boy from fire

Dog hailed as hero for alerting deaf boy to Indy fire

A pit bull named Ace is being hailed as a hero for licking the face of a deaf, sleeping 13-year-old Indianapolis boy to alert him the house was on fire.

Kids go to summer animal camp in South Bend

A group of South Bend kids is getting to learn about animals and offer some help at the same time. South Bend Animal Care and Control is holding its "Summer Camp Unleashed."

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