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Stop garnishing my paycheck!

When you're only earning $29,000 a year, getting your paycheck slashed by $400 a month can be financially devastating.

That's the situation 34-year-old Natasha Small is in.

After being laid off by a law firm in 2009, Small finally found a full-time jo...


What to do if your wages are garnished

If you're falling behind on your debts, beware: You don't want to end up one of the millions of Americans who get their pay garnished.

To avoid being hit, call your creditor or the firm collecting the debt and try to negotiate a payment plan, said Rob...

Beverly Carter

Pulaski County police

Body of Arkansas real estate agent found

The body of missing Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter has been located north of the Little Rock area, the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office said early Tuesday.

Bonnie Farrow

Suspect in Niles attempted kidnapping ruled legally insane

A South Bend woman accused of trying to kidnap a child in Niles will be institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital for the indefinite future.


The symbols of Hong Kong's Umbrella Protests

Umbrellas, yellow ribbons, numbered codewords and tangles of phone cords: these are the distinctive sights of the dramatic protest unfolding beneath Hong Kong's spectacular skyline.

Here are some of the defining images to have emerged from the days of...

Hong Kong cellphones

Hong Kong's leader: China won't back down

Thousands of protesters clamoring for full democracy in Hong Kong stood their ground Tuesday even as the head of its government said China won't give in to their demands.

Protesters camped out with masks, protective goggles and plastic raincoats on t...


How Hong Kong protests are affecting travel

With an efficient subway, multiple inexpensive taxis and a good public bus system, Hong Kong is normally one of the world's easiest major cities to get around.

In the midst of this week's Hong Kong pro-democracy protests, however, travelers to Hong Ko...


Banana fiber gives landmine victims new life

On the fertile farmlands of Uganda's Kasese district, miles and miles of lush banana plantations dot the green landscape. This is one of the biggest banana growing areas in the east-central African country, where most people making a living through s...

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