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Southwest flight attendant instructions

Flight attendant brings comedy to safety talk

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant turns a routine safety announcement into an all-out comedy skit.


Pet of the Week

Ask the Veterinarian

Some pet treats are causing pets to get sick and die

Alphabet Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul

With all the comments and questions I received about what everyone was feeding their dogs and cats, I couldn’t help but continue my rant about services marketing to all of us pet owners and how we…

How can you tell the old guy he can't have tuna?

One of our clients came in to our office with one of his “kids” last week because it was ADR (ain’t doin right). His dogs are very much his “kids” and live a wonderful life. We see many dogs and cats…

Spay us now or spay us later

I signed another sympathy card last week for the family of a wonderful female golden retriever that died from mammary adenocarcinoma (breast cancer).  This type of cancer would most certainly have…

Is it safe?

In the movie Cast Away, Tom Hanks is a Fedex employee who survives a plane crash and finds himself stranded alone on a deserted island.  After years he has learned how to survive and “make fire”. …

Homemade Doggie Bones

I Found the Best Food to Feed Your Dog or Cat

Hardly a day goes by at my office without a client asking us what is the best food for my dog or cat, because everyone knows most of the pet foods are terrible. They have things like grain, BHA,…

How to get a massage without even asking

I used to buy into the fact that since humans have opposing thumbs, lack a prehensile tail, and make and use tools that we were somehow superior in intelligence to our pets.  Yet the longer I…

How smart is your dog?

Even if you could define “smartest” I am not sure you would get a consensus on which is the smartest breed of dog.  Does smartest mean problem solving, learning, obeying commands, or dog IQ testing…

Dog Tails and Myths

I still hear the same dog myths today that I remember hearing as a child. Call them myths, ol' wives' tails, folklore or superstitions, but they are not true and in fact may be just bad advice. …

Banning Breeds and Biting Dogs

Hackles raise, pupils dilate, body position changes to a more erect stance, ears perk up, facial twitches begin, and low growling can be heard from people on both sides of this issue. There is such a…

DNR postpones sale of licenses to hunt recently-endangered wolves

Who is the Alpha Wolf in Your Pack?

One of my favorite movies, Never Cry Wolf, where a naive researcher studies the impact a pack of wolves has on the caribou herd, exemplifies exactly how relationships with our domesticated dogs…

I'm really not that old

As a veterinarian with a few years (translation: decades) under my stethoscope, I have come to really appreciate the puppies and kittens that come in to our office for their first visits and then…

Too Many Pets?....Not a Chance

I had a client come in last week with ANOTHER stray kitten she had found along a rural road.  I cannot tell you how many cats she has because I have never counted how many are in her file.  Let’s…

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