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America's 8 worst habits

From drinking too much soda to slacking on the couch, iVillage rates Americans' worst habits. Are your vices among them?

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"Prepare yourself for inspiring stories about the sophisticated level of care, the promise of today's highly individualized treatments, and the dedicated men and women involved in Michiana's fight against cancer. These are not stories about people in some faraway place. These are your stories -- stories from the Heart of Cancer Care right here in Michiana. And we've teamed up with an organization that does nothing else but fight cancer 24-hours-a-day to tell them."

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Ovarian cancer research

FOCUS ON CANCER: Local researchers fighting ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is a devastating disease for women, the majority of whom are diagnosed with late stage cancer when the disease spreads past the ovary and throughout the abdominal cavity.

Cancer generic

FOCUS ON CANCER: Easing fear of clinical trials

When you hear someone is going through a "clinical trial," it can be scary. A lot of people have a fear it's some kind of unproven medicine. They're not.

FOCUS ON CANCER: Fighting disease by eating right

We all know eating well and exercising is good for us, but what you eat when you're battling cancer can make a big difference.

Focus on Cancer

FOCUS ON CANCER: Overwhelming financial concerns

Being diagnosed with cancer is certainly difficult to handle, but add on the financial concerns, and it's overwhelming.

breast cancer women


Treatment plan should be based on specific type of breast cancer

Find out why some types of breast cancer have different survival rates than others.

FOCUS ON CANCER: Breast cancer & self-image

Breast cancer is a difficult diagnosis, and for some women, it's really tough to go through the changes:


Breast cancer can cause symptoms other than lump

Experts explain other symptoms you should be aware of that could signal breast cancer.

Teen fights off cancer with help from the Fighting Irish

A Middlebury teen diagnosed with devastating news gets help from the Notre Dame football team to battle back from a rare illness.

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