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It's National Wear Red Day!

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It's peak flu season here in Michiana

According to our reporting partners at the South Bend Tribune, the Indiana State Department says the number of reported flu cases have reached more than 500.

A lot of pink hard hats seen at Elkhart General Hospital event

A unique breast cancer awareness event was held at Elkhart General Hospital this morning. It involved a lot of people wearing pink hard hats.



Serious case of enterovirus reported in Berrien Co.

We're now getting word there is one child from Berrien County who is among several across the nation who have suffered polio-like muscle weakness linked to enterovirus-D68.   

Hand. foot, mouth disease in our area

Experts say this is the peak time for hand, foot and mouth disease

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is sweeping through our area.

New helmets offer more protection

New helmets offer Niles football players extra protection

A local school is taking extra steps to reduce the risk of concussions on the football field. In Niles, players wear special helmets during practice and at all games. The makers of the helmets say they reduce the impact of hits by 33 percent.

SICKWATCH Hand foot and mouth disease

Schools seeing more hand, foot & mouth disease in St. Joseph County

A warning to parents. The St. Joseph County Health Department says there has been an increase in cases of hand, foot and mouth disease.

Eye On Cancer: Clinical Trials

EYE ON CANCER: Clinical trials

In the fight against cancer, clinical trials show us which medicine works. It's the best way to learn what helps in treating a disease.

Cancer Cells

Big grant from American Cancer Society helping researchers at Notre Dame

There is more than football going on at Notre Dame right now. In fact, researchers at the University are studying breast cancer and how it spreads. The hope is this could lead to new ways to fight the disease.

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