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New law requires Michigan schools to carry lifesaving medica

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Eye On Cancer: Clinical Trials

EYE ON CANCER: Clinical trials

In the fight against cancer, clinical trials show us which medicine works. It's the best way to learn what helps in treating a disease.

Cancer Cells

Big grant from American Cancer Society helping researchers at Notre Dame

There is more than football going on at Notre Dame right now. In fact, researchers at the University are studying breast cancer and how it spreads. The hope is this could lead to new ways to fight the disease.

SICK WATCH: More athletic trainers being hired in the workplace

You've decided to take up a more active lifestyle. Along with talking to your doctor, you may also want to meet with an athletic trainer.

SICK WATCH: Hand, foot and mouth disease on the rise

Summertime brings a spike in Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, and it comes from a family of enteroviruses. It is highly contagious, commonly affects young children and is easily transmitted.

SICK WATCH - Beware of food poisoning at summer picnics, barbecues

As you head out for summer picnics and barbecues, remember food safety. E. coli infections from food poisoning spike in the summer months.


SICK WATCH: Preventing heat exhaustion

The summer can be dangerous, and doctors say it's important to be alert to signs of overheating or hyperthermia.

SICKWATCH: Doctors offer ways to avoid tick-related illnesses

We are in the heart of tick season, and doctors are encouraging us to take steps to avoid being bitten. An infected tick could carry Lyme Disease, which begins with a rash and can spread to joints, your heart and your nervous system.

SICK WATCH: Swimmer's ear

With kids hitting the pool and "in and out" of the water all day, they may develop an infection called 'swimmer's ear.'

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