ELKHART – Facebook is the hero of the day, at least for Zoe the 3-year-old pit bull-Beagle mix.

Zoe’s owner Andrew Mast noticed his dog was missing last Thursday evening and walked several miles to find her. If it wasn’t for a Facebook group called “I Grew Up in Elkhart, IN,” he never would have known Zoe was just across Main Street with the women who found her, Rhonda Cox and Mari Dominguez.

They say they looked for Zoe’s owner for days before finding his name through her microchip.

They posted a photo of Zoe and her owner’s name to the group. The comments and shares came flooding in.

“They were commenting like crazy. They were sharing the story,” Cox says. “It was all over Facebook.”

Dominguez says the post had more than 60 comments within a few hours.

"You know, supportive things: 'I hope you find the owner,' and they were giving me ideas on how to find him,” says Dominguez of the comments. “I thought that it was just -- it was great. It was wonderful."

Within half an hour, the post reached Mast’s girlfriend, Amy, who messaged Dominguez.

They say they never expected Facebook would be the thing to reconnect Zoe with her owner.

"I never in a million years thought that it could happen,” Dominguez says.

"It's pretty neat, especially in communities like that. People can make things pull together like that,” Cox says.

Mast says he’s just happy to have Zoe back in the family.

"She's like my daughter, so I missed my kid,” he says. “It feels very, very good to have my kid back."