MISHAWAKA – The state track and field meet is this weekend in Bloomington.

Among the local athletes making the trip is Mishawaka’s Maggie Reisdorf, who is this week’s WSBT Outstanding Student-Athlete.

Throwing a discus is a complex, intricate science. Just ask Maggie Reisdorf.

"The revolution that is required to bring your body around increases that torque and that velocity and everything, and the centripetal force," said Reisdorf.

Reisdorf is an expert in the subject. At Regionals last week, the senior launched a personal best throw of 120 feet, 2 inches to claim 3rd place and her first trip to the state meet.

"When it's breaking down the specifics of how I'm supposed to throw I really understand what is optimal for me and how I can actually achieve that through math," Reisdorf said.

"She can tell you what was going wrong. Then she knows what she needs to do to correct it. That's pretty rare,” said Mishawaka High School Girls Track Coach Chris Kowalewski.

She's the definition of a student-athlete – number one in her class, boasting a 4.7 GPA before heading to Indiana in the fall.

Reisdorf has dealt with far more struggles than on a field or in the classroom. As a junior, she was diagnosed with epilepsy, a condition she manages every day of her life."

"It was a very scary time, had my first seizure in my Calculus class."

Heat and stress are triggers for epilepsy. But they're impossible to avoid with her packed course load or on the track.

"She's going to live her life to the fullest and work around that," said Kowalewski.

"The load that I've got going is only going to better me in the future, because if I can handle multiple tasks now, then I know I'll be able to when it comes to count in my life," Reisdorf added.

The ideal throw requires perfect balance, something Maggie Reisdorf has in her sport, her school and in her outlook on life.