More than two weeks after the launch of, some are still unable to register for the Affordable Health Care Act.

Several local hospitals, including St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, said they haven't been able to sign up any of their patients through the website so far. Some patients are able to register for accounts and usernames but cannot actually sign up for health care options, said Lindahl Wiegand, spokesperson for SJRMC.

Patty Gremaux, director of community outreach at Elkhart General Hospital, is also a trained Affordable Care Act Navigator. That means her job is to help people get signed up for the new health insurance.

Gremaux admitted the website has had some glitches since it launched on Oct. 1.

"We have heard and we have experienced some down times and lags in terms of being able to access that," Gremaux said. "Obviously, that's beyond the scope of our control."

But she said it's getting better.

The issue now is working with people who aren't familiar with the ins and outs of health care, as well as people who aren't used to working with computers.

"I'd say it's a lack of comfort with navigating computer sites and trying to understand what kind of data are needed for the various fields," she said.

Gremaux is one of 30 certified navigators in the Beacon Health System. There are two full time staffers who are dedicated to helping people get registered.

The deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act is March 31, but anyone who registers by Dec. 15 could start receiving coverage by this January.