Blessings of the bikes at Notre Dame

POSTED: 09:13 PM EDT Oct 04, 2013 

Notre Dame celebrated the Feast of Saint Francis on Friday by blessing bikes.

Saint Francis is the patron saint of the environment, so the university held a special Mass and blessed bikes that people brought to the South Quad.

Parents used this as a way to teach their kids about Saint Francis.

"He was a big proponent of nature and God's creations and keeping our Earth beautiful," said Christine Green. "By using our bikes, that's one way we're definitely keeping less of a footprint on the Earth. So, we try to do that. And it's a great way for the kids to understand a little more about Saint Francis and his mission and again keeping God's Earth beautiful."

Notre Dame's Feast of Saint Francis program started in 2010 after the university held a conference on sustainability in 2009.