A 139-year-old church has been destroyed by fire near Rochester in Fulton county.

The fire broke out Friday night, but wasn't put out until Saturday at the Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Fortunately, no one was injured in that fire. The church has about 30 members. And now, all of them will have to find a new place to worship.

Firefighters say the building was completely engulfed in flames when they arrived. It's still unclear what caused the fire.

There's a lot of smoke and water damage in the sanctuary. The fire ripped through the walls and roof. Crews were able to put it out that night, but the fire rekindled twice later.

"The nice thing... we're a smaller church, we don't have a lot of members, but we're very close. The actuality of it is we lost a building, I think we'll all hold together as a family though and we're gonna pull through it," said Scott Reese, a church member.

"What goes through my mind is basically all those memories I have, I won't be able to give to say if I have children, I won't be able to pass it down to them," said Stevie Sanders, a church member.

The pastor says they haven't discussed plans to rebuild yet. Church members will hold service Sunday at a local business.

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