South Bend Police Chief Ron Teachman is paying his respects at the funeral for Rod Bradway, an Indianapolis police officer who was killed in the line of duty last Friday, with assurance from the mayor that his job is safe.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg cleared the chief Wednesday of any wrongdoing in an incident that occurred earlier this year.

Greg Brown filed the complaint against Teachman. He claimed Teachman didn't back up a fellow officer after a fight broke out at the Martin Luther King Junior Center in South Bend.

Indiana State Police investigated the incident and handed over their findings to the Mayor.

Last night the Mayor and Brown got a chance to talk during a mayor's night out event.

Brown wants to know why the mayor won't release the State Police report.

"You work for us, not for one another, and as a employee of the city I understand they have personnel and all that, but rules are rules and regulations are regulations," Brown said.

South Bend's Board of Public Safety President Pat Cottrell says he has seen the report and resigned from his position after the mayor made his decision.