Close to 100 people were evacuated Tuesday morning near Notre Dame`s campus following a gas leak.

Officials says the gas leak is now capped and those evacuated will be allowed back in their homes within the hour.

Emergency crews responded around 9:30 this morning at Burdette and Vaness in South Bend.

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Crews were on scene for several hours.

Clay Fire says the gas concentrations were low and they evacuated as a precautionary measure.

The Deputy Fire Marshall says construction crew hit a double gas line that is two to three inches on Burdette Street. He says the crew was working on an addition to an apartment complex.

Most of the people affected were students.

Those evacuated were told to go to the Joyce Center on the Notre Dame campus where they have personnel on site.

Clay Fire says most students opted to just go to class early.

The area of Vaness Drive to Dunn Road and Twyckenham Drive to Willis Street. were evacuated.

Though the line has been capped, a NIPSCO representative says repairs on the line are expected to last into the evening.