An Elkhart man fired by Pizza Hut for not opening on Thanksgiving is getting quite a bit of attention. 

Last week, WSBT reported that Tony Rohr worked at Pizza Hut for more than ten years but was fired recently because he refused to open on Thanksgiving.

Rohr started at Pizza Hut as a cook and worked his way up to being a general manager of the Jackson Boulevard Pizza Hut in Elkhart.

He was told opening on Thanksgiving this year was mandatory, so at a meeting with his superiors he decided to take a stand.

WSBT's Annie Chang will spend a bit of Thanksgiving with Rohr and will have an update Thursday night on Channel 22. We have learned he has received some job offers since the story first aired.

Rohr is also scheduled to appear on CNN and Good Morning America Thursday morning and MSNBC Wednesday evening.

Rohr has received notes of support from all over the country.