In many ways, 15-year-old Sarah Crane is a typical teenage girl.

Sarah, a sophomore at Elkhart Memorial High School, loves music, dance, sports. She's a huge Indianapolis Colts fan.

Sarah's also the youngest patient with Stage 4 colon cancer in the country, according to doctors. She was diagnosed in July.

Her support campaign "Sarah Strong" has picked up thousands of supporters.

Nearly 4,000 purple "Sarah Strong" T-shirts have been sold all over Elkhart and across the state.

Gov. Mike Pence held up a shirt and called himself "Sarah Strong" during a luncheon in Elkhart on Wednesday.

Downtown Elkhart's Artwalk also raised money for the Crane family Wednesday.

Any Artwalk visitor donating at least $1 to the Sarah Strong campaign could take part in a community art project by adding their painted fist imprint to a canvas.

Donations and the finished product will be given to Sarah and her family.

"It's bigger than just Sarah. It has really grown," said Ranee Robinson, community art project coordinator for Elkhart Artwalk. "She's been chosen to fight this battle and as a community, we'll fight with her."

Sarah's grandmother Sally Faus said the community support is unlike anything she's ever experienced.

"I've lived in this town all my life. I have never seen anyone come together like they have for Sarah's cause," Faus said. "Never. It's remarkable."

The Crane family learned last week that Sarah's cancer has been unresponsive to her chemotherapy treatments. Doctors told them there's nothing else they can do.
But they said Sarah is determined she can beat it.

"Her words were, 'Just because the doctors say I can't get better, doesn't mean I won't," Faus said.

Sarah's father, Dean, told WSBT Sarah is now living at home and receiving chemo-based treatments every two weeks. He said he's never seen anyone with more fire or gumption.

Sarah's grandmother agrees: If anyone can win this battle, it's Sarah Crane.
"She says she's not afraid to die," Faus said, "but she wants everyone to know that she is doing everything she can to keep that from happening."

To order Sarah Strong merchandise, sign up for the Sarah Strong 5K, or make a donation to the Crane family, visit www.sarahstrong.org.

To join the #SARAHSTRONG Facebook group for updates on Sarah's condition, visit www.facebook.com/groups/SARAHSTRONG.