For years people have talked about tearing down the old Cass County Courthouse but now one group says it's worth saving.

The Cass County Board of Commissioners put together a committee to find out the real cost of it.

They found demolishing the building would cost around a million but preserving it would come out to about $275,000.

The former Cass County Courthouse was built in 1899.

It's been closed for almost a decade and now the county has a new courthouse.

However some believe it's important to preserve a piece of Cass County history.

Mike Moroz says, 'They don't build buildings like this anymore and once they're gone they're gone and unfortunately we as a society tend to tear things down a little too quickly."

He is part of the group that's trying to save the former courthouse.

He thinks turning the building into a multipurpose facility will give it new life and stimulate the local economy.

He says, "It could be used as a county museum. We've had a lot of advocates for that. A cultural center idea came up. We could also use it as a wedding chapel."

If preserving the building becomes a reality the money would help pay for a new roof and improvements to the heating and lighting systems.

A big chunk of the money would need to be used to clean up mold which some say will only get worse the longer it sits with no decision.

As for where the money would come from, County Commissioner Bernie Williamson doesn't want taxpayers to panic.

She says, "Obviously everyone looks at grants. We're going to look at them as well even though they haven't been available we'll consider them. There's private donations. There's public donations. There are fundraisers." 

Critics aren't sold on the financial benefit of restoring the courthouse but many in the community hope to see the old courthouse live for another one-hundred and 14 years.

County commissioners stress that this is just in the beginning stages and that people in the community will have a chance to tell them what they think of it.