DOWAGIAC, Mich.-- Police were called into action at the Dowagiac-Berrien Springs high school football game Friday night after several fans in the bleachers saw a student with a gun.

Police and school administrators were quickly able to find the student and safely separate him from the crowd.

Investigators determined the student was in possession of an airsoft-type handgun. However, the airsoft gun was not loaded. Police also say it was not displayed and was not a real threat at any time.

The incident, though, is under investigation, is being handled by the Dowagiac Schools, and is not considered to be a criminal act.

The student was turned over to a parent.

Linda Vela was at the game and she says, "I think that he should've never brought that in, you know, a public place like that especially where there's going to be a lot of children and families."

Chris Black was in Dowagiac Saturday and had this to say about the incident, "If I had my family there, I mean, we wouldn't know if that was a real gun."

Many people in Dowagiac feel the incident was handled properly.

Some people did say they felt the whole thing was blown out of proportion and that it wasn't as big of a deal because the gun wasn't loaded and the student wasn't threatening anyone with it.

Most of the people we spoke to point out that bringing a gun to a high school football game was a poor choice considering recent events like the Colorado movie theater massacre and this week's navy yard shooting.

Black says, "Kids bringing guns to school it's a more public place and it's probably not such a good idea especially given the current light of the situation."

Dowagiac Public Safety Director Steven Grinnewald wants to remind us that school football games are school-sanctioned events on school property and because of this are weapons-free zones. This includes items like airsoft guns that could be mistaken for a weapon.