The Indiana Department of Education released a new set of grades for all schools in the state Friday.

The A-F ratings were delayed for months after it was discovered former State Superintendent Tony Bennett had purposely changed the grades of certain schools to make them look better, prompting the state to issue a review of the rating system.

Because of the controversy, the state will be using a new grading system for the 2014-15 school year.

But that doesn't mean this year's grades are being ignored. In fact, some local schools are celebrating their good ratings. Others have decided to throw out the grades.

As the largest corporation in the local area with 33 schools, South Bend Community School Corporation saw a wide range of grades this year, as did Elkhart Community Schools.

South Bend schools announced in August they would not accept the A-F ratings. They released a statement to WSBT on Friday. Part of it states:

"While the flawed A-F school grading system will not provide accurate information regarding the quality of a school, we welcome and encourage all education stakeholders in the community to honestly hold all of our schools accountable for Quality Learning for Every Student Every Day."

Elkhart Superintendent Rob Haworth said the school board has decided not to comment on the district's grades because he is cautious of the rating system.

"When our state general assembly recognizes a need for a change, and that change doesn't occur, and we still do not have a new way of calculating and formulating our grades, I'm a little cautious about the grades we do have," Haworth said.

Elkhart schools improved slightly from last year, eliminating two F grades from 2012. But despite the improvements, Haworth said the ratings aren't necessarily accurate, focusing too much on student performance and not enough on student growth.

He cautioned parents not to take their children's school's grades at face value.

"The quality of the school system is not based on a one-time measure," Haworth said. "It's how their child is being cared for, being treated, or being guided, how they're being asked to exceed their expectations."

Two other districts in the area scored highly under the A-F system.

Penn-Harris-Madison received the highest marks. 13 of its schools took in A grades, with only 2 receiving B's.

Warsaw Community Schools received A's for 7 of its schools, and B's for 4.

Below are the individual school grades for the area's largest school districts:

Adams High School: C
Brown Intermediate Center: C
Clay High School: C
Clay Intermediate Center: D
Coquillard Primary Center: D
Darden Primary Center: A
Dickinson Fine Arts Academy: B
Edison Intermediate Center: D
Greene Intermediate Center: F
Hamilton Traditional School: A
Harrison Primary Center: D
Hay Primary Center: C
Jackson Intermediate Center: B
Jefferson Intermediate Center: C
Kennedy Primary Academy: A
LaSalle Intermediate Academy: A
Lincoln Primary Center: C
Madison Primary Center: F
Marquette Montessori Academy: D
Marshall Intermediate Center: F
McKinley Primary Center: D
Monroe Primary Center: D
Muessel Primary Center: C
Navarre Intermediate Center: F
Nuner Primary Center: F
Perley Fine Arts Academy: D
Riley High School: C
Rise Up Academy at Eggleston: NULL
South Bend New Tech HS: D
Swanson Primary Center: A
Tarkington Traditional Center: A
Warren Primary Center: A
Washington High School: D
Wilson Primary Center: B

Bittersweet Elementary School: B
Discovery Middle School: A
Elm Road Elementary School: A
Elsie Rogers Elem Sch: A
Horizon Elem Sch: A
Madison Elementary School: A
Mary Frank Harris Elementary Sch: A
Meadow's Edge Elementary Sch: A
Moran Elementary School: A
Northpoint Elementary Sch: A
Penn High School: A
Prairie Vista: A
Schmucker Middle School: A
Virgil I Grissom Middle Sch: A
Walt Disney Elementary School: B

Battell Elementary School: D
Beiger Elementary School: B
Emmons Elementary School: A
Fred J Hums Elementary School: A
John J Young Middle School: D
Lasalle Elementary School: B
Liberty Elementary School: A
Mishawaka High School: B
Twin Branch Elementary School: A

Beardsley Elementary School: D
Bristol Elementary School: C
Cleveland Elementary School: A
Eastwood Elementary School: C
Elkhart Central High School: B
Elkhart Memorial High School: C
Hawthorne Elementary School: D
Mary Beck Elementary School: D
Mary Daly Elementary School: B
Mary Feeser Elementary School: A
Monger Elementary School: A
North Side Middle School: B
Osolo Elementary School: C
Pierre Moran Middle School: C
Pinewood Elementary School: A
Riverview Elementary School: A
Roosevelt Elementary School: C
West Side Middle School: B
Woodland Elementary School: B

Chamberlain Elementary School: F
Chandler Elementary School: D
Goshen High School: B
Goshen Middle School: C
Model Elementary School: D
Parkside Elementary School: B
Prairie View Elementary School: B
Waterford Elementary School: D
West Goshen Elementary School: B

Claypool Elementary School: A
Edgewood Middle School: B
Eisenhower Elementary School: A
Harrison Elementary School: B
Jefferson Elementary School: A
Lakeview Middle School: B
Leesburg Elementary School: A
Lincoln Elementary School: A
Madison Elementary School: B
Warsaw Community HS: A
Washington Elementary School: A