3 flu deaths have been confirmed in St. Joseph County so far this year, but none in Elkhart County.

The flu is hitting our area hard right now, and Elkhart County has resumed flu clinics to help people who have not received their shots yet.

However, there are a limited number of doses of the vaccine available.

Jack Sherer stopped by the Elkhart County Health Department Wednesday to get his shot. Until now, he had not received a flu vaccination but felt now was the time.

"I seen it on the TV that they were giving them here today," said Sherer. "I thought I would come down and get it before I did get sick. My wife had been sick last week with something, and I don't want to get it."

"We kind of took a break over the holiday season and are kind of starting back up again, as we are seeing the flu season kind of kick up, and more illness," R.N. Diantha Hostetler of the Elkhart County Health Department said. "We wanted to offer what we had left. We have about 80 doses."

The clinics are being set up for those six months and older. Some folks, such as older people, younger children and those with certain health conditions are at high risk for serious flu complications.

"We're certainly aware of it in the community," added Hostetler. "It seems like there is more illness right now. Watching the surveillance from the CDC has shown an increase in illness."

Colleen Hoover decided to have her second son vaccinated.

"I already had a flu shot this year earlier, so did my older son, but my youngest still wasn't protected, so we decided to come in the clinic today," Hoover said. "There aren't many shots left, so we wanted to make sure we got in."

Additional walk-in clinics in Elkhart are set for this coming Friday and next Monday at the county health office on Oakland Ave.