Mentone police have arrested a Fulton County man for allegedly stealing from a youth sports league.

Michael Fincher was the treasurer for the Mentone Youth League. Police suspect him of stealing $50,000 from the league's account.

The arrest came as a shock to parents with children in the organization.

The baseball fields are quiet now, but over the summer, they were filled with kids playing America's favorite pastime.

"I think they've really had a great time down there; they love to play," said Terra Kohler, whose children took part in the Mentone Youth League, an organization now going through some hard times.

"Shocked, I'm really shocked. I can't believe it," said Kohler.

Fincher was arrested for five felony counts of theft. Mentone police say in September, league board members told them $50,000 had been taken from their account to pay for personal items, unrelated to the organization. So, police did their own investigation, which led to Fincher's arrest.

"Stealing from little kids from a youth league, I think that's pretty sad when parents, they work hard for the money to let their kids play and to have someone steal that money, I really think it's kind of sad," said Kohler.

"I was disappointed, mostly just because it was taking from the kids," said one man who asked to remain anonymous.

The man has coached with the league for years. His five children have all gone through the program, as well. He had no idea something was wrong.

"I hope they can move forward and regain their reputation," he said.

And regain the trust of parents.

Fincher is out of jail on a $2,000 bond. The board plans to do an independent audit of the account so it can ask the courts for restitution from Fincher.

WSBT was unable to get a comment from any of the board members.