A Michigan City family is going "head to head" with a major oil pipeline company and they're doing it in a very public way.

"It's enough to catch the attention of anyone, driving down Highway 421 in Michigan City.

"It's just letting them know that they can't come in because they broke their contract," said property owner Courtney Hyska.

Hyska is referring to Enbridge, an oil pipeline company.

"It's seems like these big companies just want to push people around they tell you what you want to hear to get you to sign a contract and then they just to come in at all costs and deal with the consequences later," she said.

Enbridge is replacing a pipeline that runs between the Indiana-Michigan state line and LaPorte. Hyska says the company approached her and her husband recently, saying crews needed to go onto their property to do some construction work. The Hyskas agreed under one condition, crews wouldn't harm their evergreen trees.

"We thought for sure that everything was gonna go smoothly," Hyska said.

Hyska says the company even signed a contract, promising not to touch the trees.

"She [Enbridge representative] said that there wouldn't be any damage to the trees so she took it off of there because there was no need to compensate for them," Hyska said.

Hyska says crews were supposed to bore underneath the evergreens, but that's not what happened.

"I was furious, they cut them with a chain saw," she said. "They didn't offer to transplant them, there was nothing so we asked them to leave."

Hyska says she doesn't know why crews felt the need to chop down 26 of her 68 trees, but they haven't been allowed on her property since. The Hyskas taped and chained off the entrance to their property and put up no trespassing signs.

"They can come back when they make their contract right, when they make right what they did," Hyska said.

WSBT reached out to Enbridge, but have yet to hear back.