NOTRE DAME -- In the middle of all the excitement on campus, Saturday, we found a local entrepreneur, who designed and built what he thinks is the ultimate tailgating tool.

It's made right here in Michiana, and he's hoping others will want one for themselves.

“We've tailgated out here for 15 years and so we wanted something that makes things easier,” said John Grecco, who invented the Hub, a portable kitchen and storage unit, which you can tow behind your car.

Grecco designed and built it in his Mishawaka garage.

“It just helps add a little bit extra to any gathering or any event,” he said, “it’s a timesaver.”

Grecco applied for a patent and now he's trying to sell his idea. Perhaps there's a market for this sort of thing.

In the meantime, his tailgate party is just enjoying it themselves.