Few people know the meaning of a loss like Terry Davis. When the South Bend Adams senior brings the crowd to its feet, two guys are always missing.

"I play for my dad and one of my lost friends," Davis says. "It's been quite an experience."

He barely remembers his father, who died in a car accident when Terry was three. Folks tell him he looks like his dad, who was also an athlete. And Terry's mom fills in some other details.

"He was goofy and he really couldn't dance," says Davis. "He was just an outgoing person; he loved everybody."

The second loss is still fresh. One of his best friends died the summer before his junior year.

"Me and him, we grew up together," Davis says. "I like to carry that with me. I always make sure I put stuff like that on my shoes, just to represent."

Despite the pain, the following season was a breakout year for Davis. He shot 70% from the field as a junior. And this year he is evolved into an all-around player with one key source of motivation.

"My mom, she breaks her back for me and my brother 24/7," says Davis. "That makes me want to work harder."

"He's had some things thrown at him that if you don't have that work ethic and you cry, then you're not going to be as tough as you should," says Adams head coach Milt Cooper. "He's a tough kid."

"You know he's going to be a success in life. He's going to go to college. He's going to get a college degree," Cooper adds. "You don't have to worry about him. He's got his head right where it needs to be."

Terry Davis may not wear your school's jersey. But he is hard not to root for.