A surveillance photo of an Elkhart City paramedic carrying a 101-year-old woman into the ER after the ambulance doors got stuck from the cold has grabbed a lot of attention.

Florence Aldrich had quite the morning on Monday.

"Well, I was just plain sick,” she said.

Florence called an ambulance. Geoff Crist, an Elkhart City paramedic, responded. It was a pretty routine call until they got to the hospital.

"As we got to the ER and went to get her out of the ambulance and doors wouldn't open,” Crist said.

Gurney or no gurney… Geoff knew he had to get Florence treatment so he carried her out of the ambulance and into the hospital himself.

"It was nice feeling a man!” Florence said. “Instead of just throwing you out the door… picked me up in his arms and I put my hand around his neck... he reminded me of my husband."

Ever since WSBT posted the photo on its Facebook page, dozens of people have responded, wishing Florence well and expressing appreciation for Geoff, but he says it was all part of the job.

"That's one thing we do is problem solve, if you can't do it with finesse, you have to do it with force,” he said. “I did it today. I'd do it tomorrow, whenever the opportunity presents it."

Florence is feeling much better tonight. Her daughter, Barbara Wenger, says she's over the flu thanks to the medical staff and one special paramedic.

"People need to recognize that there's so many bad, negative things going on in the world and there's a lot of people out there that care about people and there's a lot of positive in this world and today was one of those days we were lucky enough to be a part of that,” Wenger said.

Florence just turned 101 on Saturday, but since she wasn't feeling well. Her family chose not to celebrate her birthday. They may celebrate it this weekend.

Geoff says the entire department responded to 40-50 calls Sunday night, most of which dealt with flu cases.