PHOTOS: Funnel cloud in LaPorte County?

POSTED: 08:36 PM EDT Oct 02, 2013 

WSBT received a number of photos into the newsroom Wednesday night after tornado sirens sounded in LaPorte County. There were several reports of funnel cloud sightings, but no warnings were issued by the National Weather Service. WSBT Chief Meteorologist Paul Emmick said there were only showers in the area, although the Weather Service indicated the showers could produce funnel clouds and possibly brief but very weak tornadoes. The Weather Service says a brief land spout may have occurred near Kingsford Heights. A land spout is very similar to a water spout in its weak nature but occurs over land. These are photos sent to us by WSBT viewers.

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Photo courtesy of Toni Euler Kopanski.

6 areas are now under advisories, watches or severe weather warnings.

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