PHOTOS: Several funnel clouds spotted Tuesday night

POSTED: 12:19 PM EDT Aug 06, 2014    UPDATED: 02:56 AM EDT Aug 06, 2014 

There were several reported sightings of funnel clouds in southern LaPorte, northern Starke and southeast St. Joseph counties Tuesday night. 

Often times during the summer we see a lake breeze develop. A lake breeze is a batch of air that is cooler than air over land.

When that cooler air from Lake Michigan moves over the warmer air over land, it creates a boundary. This boundary is essentially a mini cold front.

Sometimes, we can get multiple lake breezes (again, boundaries between warm and cool air). When this happens, funnel clouds are possible. They pose very little threat of touching down and typically cause no damage, which was the case Tuesday night. 

These funnel clouds are similar to waterspouts, except they are over land. Sometimes, they are referred to as land spouts. They are found within small showers. While they look ominous, they pose very little threat of danger.

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Funnel cloud in the Wyatt/Breman area. Photo courtesy of Andrea Holst.

There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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