Ontwa Township-Edwardsburg police went to a house Wednesday to interview a person about the safety of a child, but what they found was $66,000 worth of marijuana plants.

The chief of police says they haven't arrested the man because the suspect is being cooperative and they are waiting on charges from the Cass County prosecutor.

People in Edwardsburg have mixed emotions about the news.

Police say they discovered a marijuana grow operation at a home near the intersection of Eagle Lake Road and North Shore Drive

Police were interviewing a man about the safety of his child when they eventually found and confiscated the marijuana plants, $4,000 to $6,000 in lighting and other marijuana growing equipment and about $4,000 in other property.

Rebecca Escobedo says, "You move away from a big town to get away from it. You come to a small town thinking that it's safe and when you hear it's so close to your home you worry."

She lives on Eagle Lake Road and has lived in Edwardsburg for eight years. She says she is surprised something like this happened in the village.

Escobedo says, "I worry because I have children of my own that, you know, we live right down the road. It's easy for them to get a hold of that kind of stuff."

Another woman who lives in Edwardsburg says it's actually not that surprising to her.

Lesa Heiliger says, "I'd rather have that then probably a meth house."

She and Escobedo say they first found out about the pot bust on Facebook.

Heiliger says, "This morning I saw it on Facebook and read about it. Yeah, you find out about everything on Facebook."

The chief of police says the incident is still under investigation.

Police add that Child Protective Services was called in to investigate the child's safety.

WSBT spoke to the Cass County Prosecutor on the phone, and he says they haven't received the police report yet.

He says once they do they will review it to see if there would be charges.