The Michiana community is still coming to grips with the death of the girl who inspired the "Sarah Strong" campaign.

Sarah Crane died Saturday following a nearly 5-month battle with colon cancer.

On Sunday, her family and fellow students carried on in her memory at an event at Elkhart Memorial High School. There was a madrigal dinner that Sarah's sister had a lead part in -- and in keeping with the Sarah Strong mindset, she showed up to perform.

Allyson Crane knows how to shine when the spotlight is on her.

"Music has always been an escape for me," she said.

And Sunday night during the special dinner at Elkhart Memorial High School, Allyson was dealing with the pain of losing her younger sister, Sarah.

"I think there's certain points in time where it hits us, but then there's other times when we sit around and talk about memories," Allyson said.

Sarah lost her battle to colon cancer this weekend. She was just 15 years ild.

"She was outgoing, spunky, she was involved in so many things. And then because she got sick, she brought a whole community together," her sister said.

And it came together through the Sarah Strong Campaign, an effort to raise awareness of Sarah's fight against cancer and to support her family. The campaign's signature color is purple, which several people wore at the dinner -- including Sarah's grandmother, Sally Faus.

"We're all very happy that she is no longer in pain, no longer struggling and fighting, it's a good feeling that she is in a much better place and that we're all very sad that she has left us, but she's also left behind a great legacy," Faus said.

"You hope for a great outcome with somebody. A young person dealing with cancer, especially. You just can never prepare for the finality of it when it does come," said Brenda Butler, the choral director.

And while that may be true, at least for a couple hours, Allyson was able to experience a sort of normalcy after her sister's tragic death.

"My dad said we use this as a focus not as a distraction, you continue on and do things for Sarah, not do things because of Sarah," she said.

The choir also held a fundraiser earlier this year to help the Crane family. Sarah was actually the youngest person in the U.S. to be diagnosed with colon cancer.