Some services for veterans could be in jeopardy if the government shutdown continues.

Veterans got their payments on October 1, but November is still up in the air.

The House has passed legislation that would provide disability, pension and other benefits to veterans in the event of a long-term shutdown but it's not a done deal.

Terry Large is a disabled Vietnam War veteran.

He's been keeping a close eye on the shutdown by watching the news daily to stay informed.

Large receives pension benefits from the government.

He says he'll be fine, but it's other families he's worried about.

Large says, "There's a lot of young children that have lost their fathers or grandfathers in these wars and they're depending on this money."

The Elkhart County Veterans Service Office serves 15,000 local veterans and the service officer says none of their clients have gone unpaid so far.

He's a Navy veteran and doesn't want people to panic.

Ron Lundry says, "I was actually in the service when the government shut down in the 90's for about three weeks and it all worked out. Everybody got their back pay."

He points out that the V.A. health care system is still open and will be up and running through the shutdown.

However, the shutdown is leaving its mark locally.

Lundy says, "We have what's called vocational rehabilitation where if a veteran comes back and he wants to go to school and better himself for a better job the person in charge of that in our area has been furloughed."

The veteran's crisis line and insurance processing are two things that won't be impacted by the shutdown but veterans looking to get their claims paperwork processed could run into some problems with a prolonged shutdown.

Large says, "These people should be there working on these claims instead of letting them pile up and getting worse than they are."

The shutdown also means public contact services at V.B.A. Regional Offices won't be available, the V.A.'s website will be updated intermittently and presidential memorial certificates will not be processed.

Some other examples of things that won't be impacted include vet centers that offer readjustment counseling services and military sexual trauma counseling.