October 12, 2013 -

NILES, Mich. --  Xerox says people can use their E.B.T. cards again after service was restored.

Michigan residents who use EBT cards, or food stamps, weren't able to make purchases Saturday because of technical issues.

A spokesman for the state, says it's a problem between retailers and Xerox, the company that provides the service.

The glitch extends beyond Michigan to at least 16 other states.

Xerox is telling retailers to record sales by hand if possible.

Shoppers from Michigan to Maine and Ohio to Oklahoma had to abandon baskets of groceries because they couldn't access their benefits.

Many thought the government shutdown had something to do with it but the USDA confirms the glitch is not related to the 12-day federal government shutdown.

Stephanie Roudebush says, "It's very aggravating because we have kids to feed."

She went to the Dollar General in Niles Saturday to buy some groceries but when she saw the "E.B.T.is down" sign taped to the door she turned around and headed back to her car.

She says, "We went to several different places today all the way from Buchanan now here and none of them are working. They're all shut down."

She isn't alone. Next door at the Save-A-Lot Brittany Ottinger was going to do some shopping but went right back outside once she saw the sign saying "E.B.T. system down."

Ottinger says, "I'm kinda sad and depressed because my daughter needed some juice and Sprite because she ain't feeling good and crackers and now I can't get it because now I don't have no money."

An employee at Dollar General in Niles says two thirds of its customers were not able to use their E.B.T. cards.

One employee from another store says the malfunction will really hurt the businesses too because sales were down by half compared to a normal Saturday.

Sandra Ibbotson works at a store in Dowagiac and estimates that as many as 50 people were affected at the store where she works .

Ibbotson says, "The E.B.T. machine worked this morning from 7 to 10 and then after 10 you couldn't use it anymore."

Some people said they were desperate and had no choice but to go into Indiana to use their E.B.T. cards to get the items they needed.

Roudebush says, "Another issue is like because we're on ebt we're low income so gas might be an issue for us too to go farther."

There are some people weighing in on the glitch on our Facebook page.

Mitch says, "This is why you should learn to hunt fish and garden, support your own family."

Austin writes, "I have cash that I work for and it normally works just used it a little bit ago, no problems."

Again Xerox says the issue has been resolved and people can now use their E.B.T. cards.