This is a story we continue to follow - The community rallying around Sarah Crane, a 15-year-old Elkhart girl battling colon cancer.

Now, Wine and Canvas in South Bend will be hosting Sarah Strong Sundays.

For a fee, people can paint pictures while enjoying drinks.

Beginning December 1, the owner will give away a portion of the proceeds to Sarah and her family.

Sarah chose the artwork to be painted those days.

"It was like, 'Yeah, we have to do this,'" said business owner Jeremy Bachman. "It's just good for the community. It's good for her. It's good for everybody, and the support that Elkhart people, in general, and now, it's kind of hitting nationwide, too, supporting her. It's just amazing."

You can make reservations for the events online.

Her dad says Sarah is undergoing another round of chemotherapy this week, and her status is still terminal, but she remains steadfast in her fight.