South Bend mayor responds to request to reveal findings of investigation

POSTED: 12:41 PM EDT Oct 29, 2013    UPDATED: 12:43 PM EDT Oct 29, 2013 

South Bend's Mayor is now responding to another request to reveal publicly what a state police investigation about his police chief found.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg's spokesperson told WSBT, "The Mayor recognizes that not everyone will agree with this decision or any decision he makes. He respects that, but his focus is on moving this community forward."

A local watchdog group filed a complaint against Police Chief Ron Teachman with the Common Council.

They claim the chief didn't back up another officer during a fight at the Martin Luther King Center earlier this year.

The former president of the board of public safety is now asking the city council to dig deeper into the incident.

Pat Cottrell resigned after the mayor cleared the chief of any wrongdoing.

He says the public needs to see what's in the state police report.

"Yes, I said the mayor based his decision on politics," Cottrell said.

"You see, to do what two board of safety members recommended--to ask for Chief Teachmans resignation--would be to admit that he, our mayor, had made a mistake in hiring this man. Who is unfit in my opinion to serve as chief."

City council president Derek Dieter told WSBT he will assign the issue to the health and public safety committee.

The mayor has always maintained the chief didn't do anything wrong.