South Bend plans to add streetlights to dark neighborhoods

POSTED: 11:16 PM EDT Oct 29, 2013    UPDATED: 11:37 PM EDT Oct 29, 2013 

The City of South Bend wants to shed light, literally, on some neighborhoods where it gets pretty dark after sunset and some homeowners worry about their safety.

The mayor is trying to get a big chunk of money into next year's budget to pay for new streetlights.

“There’s been a few burglaries, cars getting broke into, windows smashed, things like that,” said Dave Pate, who lives in the Keller Park neighborhood, one of the sections of town the city says could use more street lights.

Pate’s block only has three streetlights, not enough to illuminate the entire street.

“It’s dark,” said Pate, “people just walk right through the yards and peek into houses and cars and whatever.”

If the budget goes through as planned, the city says it'll look for dark patches, which might need an extra lamp or two.

The public works department says the $200,000 it’s requesting could go a very long way. If they use existing power poles, they could add potentially hundreds of new streetlights.

“The more light there is the less a person has to hide,” said Pate.

The Common Council still has to hammer out final details of the budget and vote on it Wednesday.