A dramatic turn in a state police investigation into South Bend's police chief: The mayor says his chief did nothing wrong and will not be disciplined, and the city's board of public safety president says he's resigning because of it.

WSBT's Kelli Stopcyznski's spoke to both of them this morning. Board president Pat Cottrell just told her he tried to give the mayor his resignation letter this morning.

But he claims Mayor Pete Buttigieg wouldn't accept it in that closed-door meeting.
Instead, Buttigieg asked Cottrell to think about it for a few days

This whole thing stems from a fight that happened outside the Martin Luther King Center earlier this year.

A local watchdog group filed a complaint against the chief with the Common Council, claiming the chief didn't back up another officer during that fight.

Then Indiana State Police got involved, because the board of public safety asked them to step in.

On Wednesday morning the mayor met with the city's board of public safety in private to talk with them about his decision after reading the ISP report.

The mayor cleared Chief Ron Teachman, saying he did nothing wrong and did not violate the duty manual.

He also says the ISP report has several different recollections about what happened outside the MLK Center last spring.

The city and state police say that report is confidential. WSBT has now filed the paperwork to try to get a copy.

The mayor wouldn't talk about what happened in this morning's closed door meeting. Shortly after we talked with Buttigieg, the safety board came out of the room and Cottrell was visibly shaken.

“It’s not the right decision,” Cottrell said.

“This was not anything but a decision I had to make," Buttigieg told us. “I appreciate that a lot of effort went into compiling the facts, it was certainly helpful in understanding what happened. It certainly helps inform a good decision on my part. But at the end of the day this is a personnel decision and I made a decision that I have full confidence in my chief of police."