South Bend police are now investigating a potential death threat against Common Councilman Henry Davis, Jr. after he posted a picture of a naked man and a dog on his Facebook page.

The questionable comment came as a “comment” posted to council president Oliver Davis’ Facebook page Monday night. Oliver told WSBT he saw the post then called the council’s attorney and vice president Derek Dieter, who both agreed it rose to the level of a credible threat.

The comment reads: “Councilman Davis, I would like to make a serious complaint about the way Henry Davis has represented the office he holds. As one of his constituency, and one who employs him, I'm thoroughly disgusted with his level of immaturity and blatant disregard for the post he holds. Although he may have meant for this disgrace to be a joke, this incident cannot and shall not be overlooked as such. I'm one of his bosses as a tax paying voter, and I want his resignation in full. If Mr. H. Davis refuses to do so, then I will abruptly terminate him in full. I thank you in advance for your valuable time and consideration of the charge I have placed on as as council president.”

Oliver Davis said he felt it was a threat, so he called city council attorney Kathy Cekanski-Farrand and vice president Derek Dieter, who is also a city police officer. They both felt the language in the comment rose to the level of a threat.

Oliver contacted Henry, then filed a police report Monday night.

The man who wrote the post told WSBT Tuesday his comment was taken out of context. He said he used the word "terminate" as a form of firing Davis, Jr. - not something else. 

It all stems from an extremely graphic picture Henry Davis, Jr. posted Sunday, then took down a short time later. There was also a link to an article about the United States making it legal for military members to engage in bestiality.

Davis apologized Monday, saying he regretted the post, but added it was taken out of context. It still generated a lot of outrage in the community.

South Bend Police Capt. Phil Trent told WSBT the department is taking the language in the post against Henry Davis, Jr. seriously.

Oliver Davis said he’s received more than 10 phone calls and emails from people who say they intend to file a formal complaint against Davis, Jr. with the Clerk’s office when it opens Wednesday.

If that happens, Davis, Jr. could get into big trouble with the council – including private sanctions or a public sanction, asking him to resign his post as councilman, Cekanski-Farrand said.