WEATHER ALERT: Winter Weather Advisory in effect Tuesday morning

A Winter Weather Advisory will be set in place beginning at 5 a.m. Tuesday morning until 1 p.m. in the afternoon.


Our Michiana

Our Michiana: Lather & Fade Barbershop

Local News

UPDATE: Indy teens found safe after high-speed chase in Detroit

Two teens police say were kidnapped from an Indianapolis home have been found.

Forecast and road condition check from WSBT 22

Forecast and road condition check from WSBT 22

Cari Peugeot and Kristin Bien have the information you need to know to start your day.

Dog reunited with family

A happy ending for one local family. Their dog got loose and was lost for two of the coldest weeks we've seen this year. In that time many people in the community came together to help find the dog.

Former Elkhart YMCA closing its doors

Former Elkhart YMCA members sad to see center close

A familiar place in Elkhart will be shutting its doors: the Elkhart Youth and Community Center. Center officials said there are significant building and equipment failures that could cost nearly $1 million to fix.

Youth and Community Center closing in Elkhart

A familiar Elkhart building will be closing its doors. The former YMCA is closing at the end of March. The executive director says the building needs too many costly repairs. Many people I talked to say they're bummed the gym is going out of business-- but they don't plan on parting from many of the people they work out with.

Consumer Reports Sam s Club vs Costco

Consumer Reports: Sam's Club vs. Costco

If don't mind giant sizes and you have room to store boatloads of things like paper towels, warehouse clubs are a popular shopping option. But how do you decide which to join? Consumer Reports compared the two biggest - Costco and Sam's Club.

new buffalo beach erosion

New Buffalo homeowners: 'We could lose all our water supply'

The problem goes back to a horrible storm that hit the shore last October. Twenty-foot waves damaged several properties along the shoreline, including the city's water pump station that sits on a beach dune. 

New Buffalo water concerns

A group of beach-front homeowners in New Buffalo say their city's water supply is in jeopardy and they claim the solution is adding more sand to the beach. The problem goes back to a horrible storm that hit last October. 20-foot waves damaged several properties, as well as the city's water pump station.

Behind the scenes of logistics planning for Fr. Hesburgh's Notre Dame services

Planning and executing funeral services for Father Theodore Hesburgh is a massive undertaking for Notre Dame, local emergency workers and transportation companies. Even though they all started planning for the events years ago, no one knows how many people will show up to pay respects.

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