FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY: More snow on the way

The WSBT 22 First Alert Weather Team is getting ready for one of the most active weeks of weather we've seen all winter.


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Android or Apple, Your Smartphone Needs Some Manners

Tuesday - 5:00 AM - One more precious hour of sleep until the day begins.

When suddenly - *ba da ba DING* - ?!?!?!

Your iphone just lit up like a Christmas tree and roused you out of your slumber, with an important message -

"Zynga519635874 is waiting for you in Words With Friends." NO!!!!!

You know the scenario, as we've all been there, our supposed smartphones, with a lack of common courtesy,…

Stylin' With Your Stylus

Some time ago, I read an article on Huffington Post about the effects of handwriting on the brain. Turns out, your elementary school teachers weren't evil taskmasters when assigning all of those written assignments - they wanted to make you smarter! Apparently, handwriting is a complex process that develops many key areas of the brain, involving motor skills along with visual and cognitive skills.

External Storage for Tablets

Tablets are wonderful devices.  They can even be thought of as some of the most coveted devices of the last few years. Don’t get me wrong….Smartphones have really taken on a new life in past few years, but the tablet is still something newer to the consumer space. The tablet is something that combines the portability of the smartphone with the power and functionality of a Netbook. Often, when I…

Take 2 [Beats] pills and call me in the morning

The BeatsPill takes listening to and sharing music and audio to a whole new, and modern, level. It's more than just a small, portable speaker. BeatsPill has the potential to be not only for entertainment, but used as a powerful business tool, as well.

From iPad to Apple TV, why your home and life needs more Apples.

Technology, especially computers, have been a part of my life since I was a toddler. My first computer was a Texas Instruments TI-99, and I quickly graduated to a Commodore 64, and it was all uphill from there. Now that I've laid out my tech "street cred", I'll get down to business. Somewhere around 2003, Apple piqued my interest and I've been hooked since.

Wrap These Around Your Head

Imagine you’re rocking out to one of your favorite songs on your smartphone, tablet or computer and all of a sudden there is nothing but stone cold silence. You look down to find that you’ve pulled the plug to your headphones right out of the audio jack and there they are, dangling down at your side or laying on the floor. Then you realize; I could still be enjoying that track if I only had a…

A classic timepiece for a new age...

When Chester Gould decided to bestow his dapper detective, Dick Tracy, with his first two-way wristwatch in 1947.  Little did Gould know that his dream would eventually come to fruition in the form of the fabulous Martian watch.  All of the Martian watches have a very classic, visible analog watch face with a small OLED display that will show many different things.  It displays caller ID…

Give your vehicle a voice

I am in a love / hate relationship with all of my vehicles. Seems that when one problem is fixed, another shows its ugly face. Well, maybe it’s not that bad, but it is nice to have a heads up and some insight as to how your car, truck or SUV is running. Oh yea, and why not have that information sent right to your smartphone?

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