His step-mom says it was ‘just a touchdown’ for Jacob Brock, but added that what happened to her son is much bigger for his family. The 13-year-old special needs Warsaw student ran a touchdown at a middle school football game Tuesday night and the video of his big play is going viral.

It shows players on both teams protecting him, allowing him to run the ball. Jacob has cerebral palsy, autism and other handicaps but the message his touchdown is sending through Lakeview and Edgewood Middle Schools in Warsaw and the surrounding community is huge.

“He got a shot and that’s all I wanted for him,” said Jacob’s teacher, Tiffany Alberts.

It started with a note Alberts sent home to Jacob’s parents about 10 days ago, asking if they would be OK with him running a touchdown during the game between Warsaw’s Lakeview and Edgewood Middle Schools.

Tuesday night, it happened.

“It was emotional to me because he has some really severe disabilities and I've heard him get bullied and stuff,” said 13-year-old Jacob Rios, who was on the field when it happened. “Just because you have a disability or anything doesn't mean other people can say stuff and they can stop you. As you can see, Jacob ran for a touchdown.”

“They have no idea how much we appreciate what they did,” said Jacob’s step-mom, Charity Brock, as tears filled her eyes.

Jacob now carries that same football everywhere he goes. The team, cheerleaders and coaches signed it after the game.

“[When I woke him up this morning] I said ‘Jacob, it's time to get up for school,'” Charity recalled. “And he jumps up and says, 'Did you see my big touchdown last night?' and I said ‘Yeah, I did see it. Actually, everybody saw it.’”

When asked how much he likes football, Jacob told WSBT ‘That much,’ with a huge grin on his face.

The biggest message Jacob's parents and classmates hope *everyone takes away from his big touchdown is the importance of helping others and letting people know they can do anything.