CARMEL, Ind. -

By now Friday night high school football fans already know the outcome of the Penn-Carmel game. Carmel won, but the win came with some terrible twists.

A ref collapsed on the field, and just about at the same time that was happening the father of a Carmel player also collapsed and later died at a nearby ER.

Penn's athletic director says the man who died was Carmel running back Shakir Paschall's dad.

He also tells us the Kingsmen's two athletic trainers helped to treat the ref who collapsed on the field. Ultimately CPR was performed on him and a defibrillator was used to bring him back.

He says the ref had bypass surgery and is now reportedly recovering well.

Both teams went to the locker rooms after the ref collapsed.

Penn's interim AD says Shakir Paschall did resume play, apparently unaware of what had happened involving his dad.