Benton Harbor's schools may finally be on their way to getting state aid.

The city's school board Tuesday night voted unanimously to approve its revised deficit elimination plan.

The board approved the plan with a vote of 5-0, and unlike previous meetings, there really wasn't much discussion.

The district is about $14 million in debt.

To get state aid, it had to first come up with a plan to get rid of some of that debt. A couple of weeks ago, the board submitted a rough draft to the state. It cut back on things like maintenance and custodial services and increased class size. Bus service was also on the chopping block.

But thanks to a $2 million state loan, it won't be touched.

Now, the state still has to approve the plan, but Superintendent Leonard Seawood says he doesn't think there will be any problems.

"I think it was a great step for the district in terms of continuing to build a solid financial foundation of the district." Seawood told WSBT. "

Enrollment numbers are still being finalized and may be released next week.