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Moaz al-Kassasbeh protests


Jordan: We'll swap terrorist for ISIS captive

Could a prisoner swap free a Japanese journalist and a Jordanian pilot held hostage by ISIS?

Jordan's government says it's willing to hand over a convicted would-be suicide bomber in exchange, as ISIS has demanded. But a deadline set by the Islamist t...


Rosenblum: The truth about border security

America's immigration debate has become red hot because President Obama's critics not only believe that he lacks the authority to act without the consent of Congress, but also that he must not change internal enforcement priorities before first "secu...


O'Mara: Get rid of minimal sentencing laws

In 2010, Marissa Alexander discharged a firearm in the direction of her estranged husband, Rico Gray -- a so-called "warning shot" that missed him by several inches. Their two children were present.

Although no one was injured, she was charged with a...

Purvi Patel

Best friend brought to tears during testimony in feticide trial

A baby thrown in a dumpster more than 18 months ago was born alive and took a breath, according to a pathologist's testimony Wednesday in Purvi Patel's feticide and neglect trial.


Friend: Prosecutor fearful before death

Diego Lagomarsino is among the few who can offer clues about the puzzling death of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

The IT security expert was one of the last to see Nisman alive.

Nisman was found dead in his apartment days after filing a report a...


'Exploding Kittens' most backed Kickstarter

Curious kittens exploding are the Internet's new potato salad meets "Reading Rainbow" with a guest appearance by Veronica Mars, meaning this card game is seriously winning the hearts of Internet users and party game lovers alike.

"Exploding Kittens,"...


Billionaire Carl Icahn: Apple investment is a 'no-brainer'

Invest in Apple? It's a "no brainer" to Carl Icahn.

"Apple is in a category almost by itself," the billionaire told CNN Wednesday, a day after the the tech giant posted the biggest quarterly profit -- for any company in history.

Even if iPhone sales i...


SB XLIX: Seahawks FS Thomas sets tone

PHOENIX -- Only one team is worried about Seattle Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas missing Super Bowl XLIX with a separated shoulder. It's not his team. "He comes to walk-through with his mouthpiece in," defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said...

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