A Mishawaka doctor’s arrest is causing big problems for some of his patients. Their doctor’s office is closed indefinitely and hundreds of patients are not able to get their own medical records. Others are struggling to find a new doctor on such short notice.

It’s all fallout from Dr. Charles Myers’ arrest. He’s charged with writing prescriptions for drugs in exchange for sex.

Many of Myers’ patients told WSBT Thursday they’re shocked by the allegations against their family doctor – that he wrote some 150 phony scripts to a patient, then had sex with that patient on an air mattress in his office.

“People are panicking,” said the Mishawaka Medical Arts Pharmacy manager, who only wanted WSBT to use her first name, Mary.

The manager said she took 20 phone calls in just the first two hours the pharmacy was open Monday, from concerned patients. She estimated he sees some 300 to 400 people in his practice.

“Especially the elderly. They don’t know the first thing about finding a new doctor, they’ve been going to him for 30 years,” she added.

Others wanted to know how to get their medical records and prescription refills because Myers’ office closed when police arrested him Wednesday and a judge suspended his medical practice.

“I had a situation where a mother called me that has a handicapped – she said extremely handicapped child… in need of medical care today,” Mary said. “What was she supposed to do? I said, ‘You have no choice but to take her to the ER. Even if you found a doctor today, they wouldn't be able to see her today.”

Mary said she only knows what she’s seen in the news and like the patients, she was also unprepared for Myers’ arrest.

“Totally shocking. And I don’t know what laws could be put in effect in a situation like this to protect the innocent, the patients, to have somebody in that office to help them out.,” she continued.

Her suggestion to Dr. Myers’ patients was to go to the pharmacy they use and as for a print out of their prescription records so a new doctor could at least have that information. She is not filling any scripts he wrote because she’s worried it might be against the law since his practice is suspended.

A spokesman with Indiana’s Medical Licensing Board told WSBT it’s always up to pharmacists to make the decision whether they want to fill a prescription or not.

Patient Mary Vasquez said she and her whole family started seeing Dr. Myers 27 years ago.

“He was pretty nice about giving us medicine. If I needed something, I could call him and he would give it to us right away,” Vasquez said Thursday.

But she had to find another doctor to keep getting medication she needs for high blood pressure and thyroid conditions because the one she trusted for so long is in jail.

“I think it’s awful. It’s unbelievable to me,” she said.

She and many others will continue to wait for their records. A spokesman with the Attorney General’s office told WSBT Myers is responsible for his own patient records, even if he’s in jail since he voluntarily made the decision to close his office.

AG spokesman Bryan Corbin suggested said the doctor has legal responsibility for the records.

Dr. Myer and his daughter, Autumn, who is accused of selling the drug Adderall, appeared before a judge Thursday. Autumn bonded out yesterday. Her father told the judge he can’t afford the $10,000 bail.

He was still in jail at 5 p.m.