COLOMA, Mich. -

A woman describes it as one of the ugliest things she's ever seen.

The City of Coloma recently got a new water tower but that's not the issue.

A lot of people have a problem with the picture painted on it.

The image is supposed to be a peach and a gladiolus flower.

It's the city's emblem.

The logo is all over town, it's on the website and Coloma even has a gladiolus peach festival.

Many people aren't happy with the way the painting turned out.

Some including the mayor are demanding that it be fixed.

The City of Coloma paid close to one million dollars to build a new water tower and around $18,000 of that covered the painting expenses.

James Polashak is the mayor and says, "It's been called anything from a peach with a very sick gladiolus to a cantaloupe with grape vines."

Critics of the painting say it's all wrong and that it doesn't even come close to the logo.

The city's emblem shows a gladiolus flower to the left of the peach but on the water tower the flower goes over the peach.

Others say the colors are way off too.

Polashak says, "To me it doesn't show the pride and the beauty of this community."

Pam Crossman has lived in coloma for 28 years.

She can see the new water tower every time she goes down her driveway.

She doesn't like the painting and thinks it should match the city's emblem.

She adds, "Whoever painted it must not know exactly how a peach looks because a peach is round at the bottom. It doesn't come down in kind of an angled shape." 

Loren Schaus and his wife live across the street from the water tower.

They watched the project from start to finish including the painting.

He says the image doesn't bother him and he thinks the painters did a good job.

Schaus adds, "I don't believe that they would go up there and just draw something out without having a reason for doing it. I figure somebody told them what to draw on there."

The mayor says the company told the city they got approval to go ahead with the painting so the city will be looking into who may have authorized it.

The mayor says they're talking with the company that painted the water tower right now.

He says they've agreed to repaint the water tower at no expense so that it covers up the image.

The mayor isn't sure yet if the company will try and repaint the image or if the city will have to explore other options.