In less than a week, the Indiana Board of Education will vote on new standards for teachers to follow in the classroom. If passed, those standards would replace the controversial Common Core program.

In March, Governor Mike Pence signed off on a bill that got rid of the Common Core standards, promising to come up with a new set up benchmarks, written by experts from Indiana.

But some say the new standards are no different than Common Core, which was pushed by the federal government.

Common Core has a lot of critics and they're upset with the new standards. South Bend Schools Superintendent, Dr. Carole Schmidt, agrees they're similar to Common Core, but she's not upset about it.

An education roundtable, made up of Indiana business and education leaders, has voted overwhelmingly in favor of new math and English standards.

"If you look at the standards really carefully and sort of do a cross walk with the Common Core, they're very very much aligned, even down to some of the materials that are used," Schmidt said.

And that's a good thing to some administrators and teachers for South Bend Schools. They say making the Common Core a part of the classroom took a lot of work.

"I think it's a relief especially because school corporations have spent a lot of money buying the materials to support Common Core so in order to initiate a new program and have to use different kinds of things that would be difficult because then we would be starting at square one all over again," said Sue Panzica, a kindergarten teacher at Swanson Primary Center.

Critics of Common Core say it takes classroom control away from teachers, but not everyone agrees.

"Instead of previous standards where we taught more to the test, Common Core asks students to verbalize why they believe something happens so if you're adding you ask the child how did you get that answer and they need to be able to verbalize," Panzica said.

It's a skill teachers say students will need as they get older, moving from the classroom to the job market.

The State Board of Education will vote on the new standards on Monday.

For a copy of the new standards, CLICK HERE