You've heard of stray cats and dogs, but how about a stray calf?

Three calves that got loose in the Granger area have been caught and their owner has been found.

It all began when a woman, who lives off of Adams Road, saw something strange in her yard Friday. It turned out to be a calf.

There are apparently no farms nearby, so she initially had no idea where this calf came from.

The woman happened to have a large dog kennel in her backyard, and that's where the calf stayed until the owner could be found.

Several viewers called in with tips on who the owner may be, and the woman tells WSBT he has been located. 

The other two calves were spotted near Northpoint Elementary Sunday morning.

We're told they wandered into a man's barn in the 50000 block of Cheery Street and are now being held until their owner can bring them home.