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Obeidallah: The right's 'Interview' hypocrisy

Not everyone will remember "Death of a President," the 2006 movie that included a controversial scene in which President George W. Bush was killed by a sniper. (I, on the other hand, can't forget it because my fiancé is an actress and had a big role ...


Preview: Seahawks at Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have wrapped up a postseason berth and can clinch home-field advantage throughout the playoffs when they host the surging Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night. Although the Cardinals hold a one-game lead over Seattle atop ...


Preview: Ravens at Texans

The Baltimore Ravens put themselves in position for a wild card spot in the AFC with their recent performance but are still looking for a division title. The Ravens will try to keep the pressure on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Ben...


Military could pursue Bergdahl court martial

A senior administration official tells CNN that the Pentagon may soon, perhaps even before Christmas, announce whether or not Army Sgt. Bowe Berghdahl will face a military court martial.

Administration sources tell CNN the Army will announce the "disp...

Stocks Wall Street

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Dow jumps 421 points, best day since 2011

Scrooge has left the building. Heck, he's not even on the same planet anymore.

The Dow shot up 421 points Thursday for its best day in more than three years. The S&P 500 experienced its biggest gains since January 2013.

After taking a beating earlier ...

ISIS suicide car bomb attack

Gokhan Sahin/Getty Images

Pentagon has new name for ISIS

There's yet another new name for ISIS among those fighting against the terror group. Daesh.


Classified report detailed shortcomings

Targeted assassinations or the capture of senior insurgent leaders in larger counterinsurgency operations can provide both positive and negative outcomes according to a classified CIA document posted by the anti-secrecy group Wikileaks on Thursday.



Young lives over: So much blood, sorrow

It was the computer classroom where I cracked. I'd managed to remain detached until then. I wanted to tell the story. Look, but don't internalize, was the mantra I was repeating inside my head.

Tell the facts, explain what you are seeing and what happ...

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